Australian Bra Size Conversion

It’s not uncommon to find a good number of women wearing bra sizes that are ill-fitting and quite uncomfortable for them. This is primarily because a lot of women have not taken their own cup and band measurements, oftentimes simply relying on getting sizes that they have grown accustomed to.

The second reason for getting the wrong bra size is not knowing the right conversions for bra sizes. Bras from different countries or continents have different standards of measurements and not knowing the right conversions of these sizes will of course lead to getting the wrong bra size.

Australian Bra Size Conversion

For instance, if the brassiere that you are looking for is Australian-made or if your current sets of brassieres are all made from Australia and you would now want to get one that is from the UK, US or Canada, it is very important to understand how each size is converted into sizes from these countries.

This will help you get the right size, no matter where the brassieres were made from.

Band Sizes

Basically for band sizes, Australia uses a different standard of measurement. Australian band sizes use dress sizes as their guide, starting from a size 8 all the way to a size 18.

On the other hand, both the United Kingdom and the United States use the same standard, starting from a size 30 all the way to a size 40.

So this means that a 30 in the UK and the US is equivalent to a size 8 in Australia for the band sizes. A size 32 is 10 in Australia, 34 is 12, 36 is 14, 38 is 16 and 40 is 18.

Cup Sizes

As for cup sizes, both the United Kingdom and Australia share the exact letter standard for their cup measurements, starting from A all the way to K. Double letter cup sizes for both are DD, FF, GG, HH and JJ.

For the US, a DD cup size is also an E while for Europe and France, DD is strictly just E. For UK and Australia E cup, this is either a DDD or an F in the US while for both Europe and France this cup size is strictly just an F.

For a Double F size or FF in the UK and Australia, this is an H in US, Europe and France cup size. A Double G or GG is equivalent to a J in the US and K in Europe and France.

As for a Double H or HH, the US has this as an L while Europe and France has this as an M. Finally for a Double J or JJ, in US cup size this is already an N while for both Europe and France, this is an O cup size.

It would help if you have all these size conversions, for both the band and cup size, on hand when buying brassieres so you can easily find the right conversion without trouble.

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