Worlds Largest Burger

American cuisine and burger cannot possibly be separated. Burgers are quite very popular all over America. Every joint usually comes with a burger recipe that clicks.
The challenge of creating the world’s largest burger dawned first in, where else, but in America. The battle was taken very seriously and it all started with a gimmick joint in Pennsylvania called Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub.
In late 1990s, Denny’s began challenging its kitchen in cooking a bigger and bigger burger starting off with six pounds of meat, a large onion, two tomatoes, half a head of lettuce, one and one-fourth pound of cheese, a cup of mayonnaise, a cup of ketchup, a cup of pickle relish, and a cup of banana peppers.
Expectedly, it drew a lot of attention from local diners and otherwise. The excitement was taken into full swing when the pub started to challenge diners to finish off the massive burger within three hours and enjoy it free of charge. Those who took the challenge usually failed but the level of enjoyment continues to soar.
Soon enough, as words about the world’s largest burger started to spread, other eating joints decided to join in the fun. It got even more exciting and challenging when the Guinness Book of World Records came into the equation.
Burgers with 7 pounds of meat, with 11.5 pounds of meat, 25 pounds of meat, 50 pounds of meat, and so on came about.
The Current Record
Just recently, an Australian café claimed of housing the world’s largest burger. The massive 178 pounds of burger patty took twelve hours to cook and a couple of extra hands to flip. Overall, the monster burger weighed in at 90 kilograms all in all. It was set to challenge the previous record from Michigan, United States, which weighed 84 kilograms.
The cafe owners admit the massive burger was difficult to cook. Flipping the patty to the other side required a total of four people. But it was all worth it. Creating the world’s largest burger gives them satisfaction like no other.
Aside from the 178 pounds of meat, the big burger also contains 120 pieces of eggs, 150 slices of cheese, one and one-half kilograms of beet, two and a half kilograms of tomatoes, and two kilograms of lettuce. It was set in a giant sesame seed bun and topped with a special sauce.
In a while, the burger will be made available at the café to meet the commercial conditions of Guinness. You need to prepare over a thousand and two hundred US dollars for it once it becomes part of the menu.

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