Sake Cup Dimensions

Used primarily to serve the traditional Japanese drink called sake, sake cups come in various sizes. They are usually made out of ceramic, although lacquered plastic or glass is also used to create such convenient container. Sometimes, they are sold as part of a set, which comes with a flask. However, some people prefer to purchase individual cups instead of sets. In addition to these interesting details, it is also good to know the different sake cup dimensions.

The Dimensions of Sake Cups

Sake cups are available in different sizes. A standard sake cup has a capacity of 6 fluid ounces or 180 milliliters. In terms of diameter, each usually measures 2 inches. In addition, the standard height for every cup is 2 inches. These cups often come with a bottle, which measures 4.5 inches long and 6.5 inches high. The average diameter of the bottle is 3.5 inches.

Known for its unique indented designs, the mori sake cup is an interesting variation. Made from high quality porcelain, the average diameter of this product is 2 inches, while the height is about 2.25 inches. Furthermore, some sake cups are made from heavy-duty cast iron, which is preferred by many individuals due to their durability. The dimensions of each of these cups are 2 inches by 2 inches by 2 inches. Weighing approximately 0.25 pound each, the common features include a smooth reflective inner part with an outer part that is known for its nice and subtle texture.

Additional Facts and Other Interesting Details

Aside from the cups, another important component of a sake set is the masu. It is a box-shaped cup made from wood. In recent years, the use of this type of cup is criticized by sake purists due to the influence of wood to the flavor of the beverage. Because of this, some Japanese food service providers now place glass in the masu in order to maintain the rich flavor and taste of sake.

These days, people drink such traditional Japanese beverage using ochoko, which is a small cylindrical ceramic cup. In addition, it is also possible to drink it using sakazuki, which is a special sake cup commonly used in special occasions like tea ceremonies as well as weddings.

Sake is served using a unique kind of flask referred to as tokkuri, which is characterized by a narrow neck. It comes in different shapes, one of the most common of which is called katakuchi. Compared to other servers, this type of serving bowl is spouted. Before this traditional Japanese alcoholic beverage is served to guests, the tokkuri is to be filled with sake, which will then be placed inside a pan filled with hot water. This drink is traditionally served warm.

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