How Big is a Deep Fryer?

A deep fryer, sometimes also called as deep fat fryer, is a kitchen gadget used in deep-frying meat, a variety of snacks and other food items. There are commercial deep fryers and these also those that are perfect for home use.

This kitchen gadget makes frying easier and a lot faster plus the food is evenly cooked unlike when you fry it on a regular pan.

How Big is a Deep Fryer?

Deep fryers for home use, although they are tabletop models, come in a few different sizes. The size basically depends on its capacity.

“How big is a deep fryer?” that has a capacity of about six liters comes in measurements of approximately 12 inches in length by 10 inches in width by 6 inches in depth.

For a small, snack-size model, “How big is a deep fryer?” of this type is generally around 8.5 inches in depth by 7.75 inches in height by 10 inches in width.

A 1.5-pound capacity deep fryer on the other hand, measures approximately 14.76 inches in width by 12.01 inches in depth by 9.45 inches in height.

If you wish for a bigger one, there are deep fryers that come in dimensions of 13.19 inches in width by 11.42 inches in depth by 10.63 inches in height. This one has a capacity of around 2.2 pounds.

Other Fryer Sizes

If you regularly cook for large groups of people, i.e. you have a big family or you like to entertain guests at home frequently; a bigger deep fryer will definitely be a big help in your food preparation.

“How big is a deep fryer?” in this case is usually around 17.32 inches in width by 10.63 inches in depth 10.83 inches in height. This size can accommodate up to three pounds of food at a time.

There is another version of a three-pound capacity deep fryer and “How big is a deep fryer?” in this regard is that it is about 17.52 inches in width by 7.09 inches in depth by 11.61 inches in height.

Buying a Deep Fryer

You will find that the internet is a good place to shop for a deep fryer. Online stores that specialize in kitchen appliances, especially home kitchen appliances, carry a wide array of deep fryers.

You can choose from a wide selection of these deep fryers based on their manufacturer, size and brand. Usually, the fryers are made from stainless steel and they may also come in black or white.

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