What Should I Weigh?

howmuchshouldiweighAttaining the ideal weight is essential for keeping yourself healthy. When trying to achieve the suitable weight, you need to assess your frame. Small, medium and large frames tip the scales differently.

Weight for Women

For women who stand 4’10 the weight should be 102-111 lbs (small frame), 109-121 lbs (medium frame) and 118-131 lbs (large frame). Those who stand 5’0 should weigh 104-115 lbs, 113-126 or 122-137 lbs.

Those who stand 5’2 should tip the scales at 108-121, 118-132 or
128-143 (small, medium and large frames, respectively). If you’re 5’4, the weight needs to be between 114-127 lbs for a small frame, 124-138 lbs for medium and 134-151 lbs for large.

The ideal weight for those who stand 5’6 is 120-133 lbs for small frames, 130-144 (medium) and between 140-159 lbs (large). If you stand 5’8, the proper weight is 126-139 lbs, or 136-150 lbs and 146-167 lbs.

If you’re 5’10, the weight can be 132-145, 142-156 or 152-173 lbs. If you’re a six footer, the weight needs to be 138-151, 148-162 or 158-179 lbs.

Weight for Men

If you stand 5’2, the weight needs to be 128-134 lbs (small frame), 131-141 lbs (medium) and 138-150 for large frames. Those who stand 5’4 need to weigh 138-150 lbs, 135-145 lbs or 142-156 lbs. Those who stand 5’6 should weigh 136-142 lbs if they have a small frame, or between 139-151 lbs for medium. Those with a large frame should weigh 146-164 lbs.

The ideal weight for men who stand 5’8 is 140-148, 145-157 or 152-172 lbs. if you’re 5’10, the small, medium and large weights are 144-154, 151-163 and 158-180 lbs. Those who stand 6’0 can weigh 149-160 (small), 157-170 (medium) or 164-188 lbs.

Individuals that stand 6’2 should weigh 155-168 lbs, 164-178 lbs or 172-197 lbs. Those who stand 6’4 must weigh 162-176, 171-187 or 181-207 lbs.

Attaining and Keeping Your Weight

The best way to maintain your weight is to know how your body works. Start by learning about the kinds of foods your body needs most. Losing weight doesn’t mean you have to eliminate meat from your diet. It simply means eating the right amounts of foods.

To get the ideal weight, pick the figure right for your frame size. Next reduce your intake of fatty and greasy foods. Stuff like burgers, ham and pork chops have a lot of fat. These foods are responsible for the extra fats in your body. Also limit the amount of fried foods you eat.


Regular exercise goes hand in hand with a healthy diet. When trying to achieve your weight, focus on exercises like running and crunches. You can also try lifting some weights, but do it slowly.

You can also take some vitamin supplements. Basic ones include vitamin C, D and B 12 complex. Consult your doctor if you plan to take other minerals. Do some research if you plan to take herbal supplements.

When you reach the ideal weight, don’t stop working out or eating right. This will ensure you maintain the right figure. You won’t just look great; you’ll feel great too.

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