What is the Smallest City?

Based on the Guinness Book of Records, the smallest city in the world is Hum in Croatia. It has a population of 23. However not everyone agrees with this.

Problems with Definition

The difficulty in determining lies to do with definition. Experts do not agree when a city becomes small enough it is classified as a town. For example, many consider Vatican City as a city. It has a population of 6770 and measures 0.2 sq miles. But officially, it is a country in spite of the name.

Small Towns in America

The following are some of the smallest towns in America. Both Lost Springs, Wyoming and Monowi, Nebraska claim a population of less than 3. Tortilla Flat in Arizona has a population of 6. Weeki Wachee in Florida has the same population as does Freeport, Kansas.

Tenney in Minnesota has a population of 7 while Hillsview in South Dakota has a population of 3. Again, one should bear in mind that there are problems defining the smallest city in the world. But it is useful to compare cities and towns. There are many towns in the US with a population of less than 1,000.

The Smallest Town in the World?

There are many towns in America that claim a population of 1. However, many consider Buford, Wyoming to be the smallest. It has a population of 1: 60 year-old Don Sammons. The town can be found at Interstate 80. The whole town consists of his house and a gas station.

In terms of population and area size, this may well be the smallest. However, the town is unincorporated, so some do not consider it an “official” town. Buford was established in 1866. It used to have a population of 2,000. Over time, the residents moved out. Wyoming also has the smallest population among all the US states with 509,293.

Smallest Chartered Cities in the UK

The smallest is St David’s and the Cathedral Close in Wales with a population of 1,797. The second smallest is the City of London with 7,185 in England. The third smallest is the city of Wells also in England. Its population is 10,406.

The fourth smallest is Bangor, Wales. There are 13,725 living there. At number five is Armagh in Northern Ireland with a population of 14,580.

As the facts show, the title of smallest city in the world is difficult to bestow. Any of the cities and towns stated above will fit in.

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