What is the size of Kansas?

Once home to numerous nomadic Native Americans, Kansas is a state that goes by the Kansasnicknames ‘the Wheat State’ and ‘the Sunflower State.’ Its capital is Topeka, while the largest city is Wichita. In 2008, it has an estimated population of 2,802,134, which is good for 33rd overall in the United States. It is surrounded by Colorado to the west, Oklahoma to the south, Missouri to the east and Nebraska to the north. Find out more about this state including the size of Kansas.

The Size of Kansas

What is the size of Kansas? The total land area covered by the state of Kansas measures 213,096 square kilometers or 82,277 square miles. Its width measures 645 kilometers or 417 miles, while its length is 340 kilometers or 211 miles. Mount Sunflower is the highest point, which measures 1,232 meters or 4,039 feet high. The lowest point is Verdigris River, which only measures 207 meters or 679 feet. It is made up of 628 cities and 105 counties.

Additional Facts and Other Important Details

The southern and eastern part of Kansas is made up of Permian, Pennsylvanian and Mississippian rocks. It hosts a number of historic sites and national parks protected by the National Park Service. These include Strong City’s Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve, the Santa Fe National Historic Trail and the Pony Express National Historic Trail. Aside from these, there are many things to learn and experience at the Oregon National Historic Trail, the Nicodemus National Historic Site and the Fort Larned National Historic Site.

There are three different types of climate in this state, namely humid subtropical, semiarid steppe and humid continental. In 2008, it posted a per capita personal income of $35,013. It relies heavily on different kinds of agricultural outputs such as soybeans, wheat and cattle. In terms of natural gas production, the state ranks 8th in the entire country. When it comes to industrial outputs, its economy always receives a major boost from the petroleum, chemical products as well as transportation equipment industries. The same positive results can also be expected from the mining, apparel and publishing industries.

The largest employers in the state include the Via Christi Saint Joseph Hospital in Wichita, the University of Kansas Medical Center in Kansas City and Examone World Wide in Lenexa. The top three spots belong to Van Enterprises in Shawnee Mission, Fort Riley in Riley Country and Spirit AeroSystems in Wichita. The local government has established the sunflower as the official flower of the state, while cottonwood is considered the official tree.

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