What is the Size of a Idli Pan?

An idli is a type of cake that originated from the southern parts of India. Ingredients in making this famous Indian cake are black lentils that have been fermented and the husks taken out; plus rice.
When making this cake, it is important that you use a special pan called an idli pan designed to cook the cake properly, with heat evenly distributed. When determining the number of cakes that you can cook at a time, you may be wondering what is the size of an idli pan.
What is the Size of an Idli Pan?
To answer the question, “What is the size of an idli pan?” this usually comes in dimensions of seventeen inches in width and thirteen inches in diameter; for an idli that is about four inches wide.
These dimensions are equivalent to approximately 43.18 centimeters in width and 33.02 centimeters in diameter for an idli of 10.16 centimeters wide. 
For this idli pan size, you may cook twelve pieces of idli cakes per pan; per cooking.
Smaller Idli Cakes
On the other hand, if you are wondering, “What is the size of an idli pan?” for smaller-sized idli cakes; these are also around seventeen inches in width by thirteen inches in diameter but the cakes are only about an inch wide.
These bite-sized idli cakes are actually ideal for children’s parties. 
Other Sizes
Aside from the dimensions mentioned above, when asking yourself “What is the size of an idli pan?” you may also find other idli pan sizes readily available in the market today. 
There are 4 inches by 4 inches idli pans and trays which can make four four-inch wide idli cakes at a time. Other sizes also include four inches by three inches and four inches by five inches.
Idli Pots and Steamers
Other than considering what is the size of an idli pan that is ideal for the number of cakes that you are planning to make, you should also consider the size of the idli pot or steamer that you are going to use.
Usually, these pots or steamers come with idli pans or trays. However, if you need more idli pans or trays; it is best to know the dimensions of your pot or steamer so you can get the appropriate tray or pan size that will fit into your idli cooker.
Idli cookers are also designed in a way that heat will be evenly distributed so your idli cakes will not turn out as hard cakes or have spots that are burned. 
Sizes for these are usually labeled as 19.8 CM, as well as 21.3 CM. There are also cookers that are measured as 22.4 CM. 
As for the idli steamers and pots; the recommended size is 20.8 CM. Other sizes simply indicate Small or Large.
The sizes for both pans and cookers mentioned here are just a few of the sizes that you can find in the market. 

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