What is the Size of a Bird Bath?

A bird bath is a small, artificial pool intended for birds to drink water from and also to refresh themselves by dipping into the small pool of water.

There are several styles and designs of bird baths such as hanging bird baths, tabletop and stand alone bird baths.

This being said, “What is the size of a bird bath?” cannot be answered with just one standard set of specifications since their sizes are also based on their style and design.

Bird Bath Sizes

Bird Bath with Four Pools and Water Reservoir

This type of bird bath comes with its own water reservoir which can hold up to one hundred ounces of water. The water goes into four individual small pools from which the birds can either drink from or bathe in.

What is the size of a bird bath of this type? It is approximately thirteen by thirteen by eleven inches. This type can be placed on a post, table or hung from a chain.

Hanging Bird Bath with Water Reservoir

Hanging bird baths are ideal for those who do not have too much space in the garden or backyard – or those who simply consider this as a much more decorative accent for the garden.

“What is the size of a bird bath?” in this case, is that it is typically around 11 inches in length by 10.8 inches in width by 18 inches in height. It comes with a water reservoir made of glass.

There is also another type of hanging bird bath and this one does not come with its own water reservoir.

This also comes in a variety of sizes one of which measures approximately 15 inches in length by 6.75 inches in width by 8.75 inches in height.

The only downside to this decorative bird bath is that it requires you to constantly check if there’s enough water in the pool.

Bird Bath with Post and Pedestal

This is one of the most common types of bird bath and usually, you will find this in one corner of the garden. This one is a stand-alone type which means that you don’t have to purchase a separate post or look for a spot where you can hang it.

What is the size of a bird bath of this design? This type usually comes in specifications of 27.25 inches in height by 23 inches in length by 23 inches in width.

A slightly smaller version of this design comes in measurements of 27 inches in height by 17.5 inches in width by 2.5 inches in depth.

To get a good look at the wide selection of bird baths, check the internet for the latest available models.

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