How Big is a Reindeer?

We all know that Santa's sleigh is pulled all around the world at Christmas time by reindeer. The fabulous thing about these creatures is that they do not only run around pulling a sleigh with a fat guy in a red suit but they can also fly. This is also the secret why Santa is able to bring presents to all the kids in the world. Both kids and adults may wonder just how big a reindeer is.

How Big is a Reindeer?

Before getting to that, one important and related question will be is do reindeers exist? The happy answer to that question is that, yes, they do exist. However, the ones that have the ability to fly are with Santa. So, tough luck if you really wanted to have the flying variety.

In North America, these creatures are also called caribou. It is actually a deer that came from the Subarctic and Arctic. Both the migratory species and resident species belong to this animal family. The differences between one reindeer and the other will be in their size and color. It is also a fact that both male and female reindeer have antlers.

Going back to the question of how big is a reindeer, as you might expect, the male reindeer are usually larger than the female reindeer. A female reindeer will be about 162 up to 205 centimeters in length. On the other hand, a male reindeer will be about 180 up to 214 centimeters in length.

The female reindeers will weigh an average of 79 kg up to 120 kg. On the other hand, male reindeers will be around 92 kg to 201 kg. Take note that depending on the breed, there are male reindeers that register a weight of 318 kg or approximately 700 pounds.

Santa's Reindeer

When kids ask just how big is a reindeer, they may be wondering how big are the ones that pull Santa's sleigh. The stories about Santa and his crew of flying reindeer do not specify just how big these wonderful creatures are. However, it is safe to assume that they are just the same size of the reindeers we have in real life.

This team of flying reindeer was first mentioned in an anonymously written poem that dates back to 1823, which is entitled A Visit from St. Nicholas. In this poem only eight flying reindeers were mentioned. Rudolph and the rest of the team were added to the list a little bit later. Next time that someone wonders just how big is a reindeer, you can give them the facts straight out.

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