Most Expensive Diamond Engagement Ring

The most expensive diamond engagement ring is the Chopard Blue Diamond. Its value is currently put at $16.2 million. Aside from the blue diamonds, the piece is surrounded by many small white diamonds as well. Its weight is 9 carats. The Chopard has a twin. It has a large blue oval diamond. It is enveloped by diamond shoulders on 18k white gold. 
DeBeers Platinum 
The DeBeers Platinum ring is valued at $1.83 million. It is a solitaire ring. Its weight is 9 carats. The DeBeers ring has a round white diamond. When it comes to diamonds, DeBeers is considered one of the finest. Over 80% of the diamonds sold and made in the world come from this company. 
Tiffany Oval Stone 
Number three in the list of the most expensive diamond engagement rings is the Tiffany Oval Stone. It is worth $1.4 million. Its weight is 14.79 carats. The style and design remains true to the Tiffany style. The intricate ring is surrounded by diamonds. It is arranged in a way that the center stone is highlighted. 
Elizabeth Taylor Oval
The Elizabeth Taylor Oval costs $1.3 million. The diamond ring is made by the Elizabeth Taylor Jewelry House based in LA, California. At the center of the flower shaped diamond ring is an oval cut stone. Its weight is 5.98 carats. Ten diamonds in the shape of petals surround the center stone. 
Tiffany Pillow Shape 
This diamond ring is worth $800,000. As the name suggests, this 12.3 carat diamond is shaped like a pillow. It has a lovely band and is adorned with several diamonds. 
Secret Kiss of the Rose 
This diamond ring is valued at $525,000. In the middle of this ring is the 4.15 carat white diamond. It has a .08 pink diamond in it. The outline consists of a complex and unique set of diamonds. 
Tips and Warnings
The cut, clarity, color and color are the most important factors to consider when buying diamond rings. The cut will decide its brilliance. When it comes to color, pure white is the top choice. Clarity is self explanatory. The carat refers to the diamond’s weight. More carats equal a bigger diamond. 
Whether you intend to buy the most expensive diamond engagement ring or not, make sure that you go over those factors mentioned above. To avoid fakes, buy only diamonds from reputable jewelers. Always get a certificate of authenticity when you make the purchase. 

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