What is the Longest Bridge?

The list of the world’s longest bridges provided is based Bang Na Expresswayon their measurements above water or land. In terms of total length, the Bang Na Expressway in Thailand is the longest at 54 km.

Dimensions of the Bang Na Expressway (Thailand)

Officially called the Burapha Withi Expressway, it is 54 km long (33 mi). The span has an average of 42 m (138 ft). The bridge was finished in the year 2000. Over 1,800,000 cubic meters (2,350,000 cubic yards) of concrete was used in its contraction.

Dimensions of the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway (USA)

This bridge is 38.42 km long (923.86 mi). This bridge is held in place by more than 9,500 cement pilings. It also has 4 lanes. The average span is 45.7 m or 149 ft and was finished in 1969.

This is sometimes called the longest bridge in the world. While the Bang Na is longer, it traverses water only briefly. For some, that disqualifies it from the list of bridges. But if it is included, Lake Pontchartrain Causeway is the second longest.

Dimensions of the Manchac Swamp Bridge (USA)

The Manchac Swamp Bridge is 22.8 miles long. That is about 36.69 km, 36,710 meters or 120,400 ft. It was completed during the early 1970s and remains the third lengthiest bridge in the world.

Dimensions of the Hangzhou Bay Bridge (China)

The Hangzhou Bay Bridge is 35,673 meters or 117,037 ft long. It is about 35.673 km (22 mi). The longest span is 1,470 ft or 440 m. It is the third in the list of the world’s longest bridges.

Construction began on June 8, 2003 and was finished on June 14, 2007. It is however, the longest as far as trans-oceanic bridges go. There are half a dozen expressway lanes set in opposing directions.

There are two major spans. The northern span is 447 meters (1,470 ft). The southern span is 318 meters (1,043 ft). The speed has been set at 100km/h (62 mph). It has been designed to work for a century. The span and ramp bridges were paved with 2 in of epoxy concrete.

Dimensions of the Runyang Bridge (China)

This bridge has a span of 1,490 m (4,888 ft). The height is 215 m (705 ft). It ranks 5th or 6th among the world’s longest bridges. Among suspension bridges, it is the fourth longest. It is also the biggest suspension bridge in China.

The steel box girder is 3 m (10 ft) deep. The deck width is 39.2 m (129 ft) and has half a dozen traffic lanes. The north bridge has a span of 406 m (1,332 ft). It also has towers measuring 150 m (492 ft). The bridge cost $700 million to build.

Dimensions of the Donghai Bridge (China)

The length is 20 mi (32 km). That is about 32,500 m or 108,827 ft. It has a span of 420 m. It is the second longest cross sea bridge next to the Hangzhou bay Bridge. Construction of the bridge ended in 2005.

Being on the list of the world’s longest bridges adds prestige not just to the manufacturer but to the countries as well. It has become a symbol of economic prosperity and power.

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