UTP Cable Dimensions


UTP cable dimensions and lengths range from 25 ft, 50 ft, 100 ft and all the way up to 300 ft and longer. Aside from the length, there are other aspects of the cable that you have to be aware of before you buy it. 

Definition and Purpose 

UTP or unshielded twisted pair is a cable utilized for computer networks and telecommunications. It is made up of various numbers of copper wires. These wires are twisted and made into a pair, hence the name. 

It is different from the shielded twisted and screened pair because the individual pair is not shielded from interference. The copper is insulated and the clusters of twisted pairs come with a sheathing to keep them together. 

While the UTP cable dimensions vary, they are mostly utilized for node cabling. This means it will run from the backbone to the other network parts. 


The UTP comes in various categories or Cat. The most widely used are Cat 3, Cat 5e and Cat 6. The higher the number, the more twists there are per foot. The higher Cat numbers also mean there is greater defense from inference. 

The Cat 3 is utilized in phone systems at residential homes. The Cat 5e UTP cable is most commonly used for computer networks. The Cat 5e is also used for larger telephone systems. 

Use of the Cat 6 is rapidly growing owing to its increased interference protection and speed. The Cat 6 come in different UTP cable dimensions just like the others. 


The sizes of the UTP cables are usually determined by the number of pairs it has. Cat 3 has only two pairs because that is all a basic phone setup needs. The typical Cat 5 or 6 have eight twisted pairs. 

However, there are much larger pairs. For example, the backbone cables that go from floor to floor in big buildings have 25 pairs. The 25 pair cables can be grouped to create cables with a thousand pairs or more. 

Every pair has a tip wire covered in color. It also has a striped ring. The colors of the tips include brown, green, orange, slate and blue. The ring colors are violet, yellow, black, red and white. What the pair does will hinge on the application. 

The UTP cable dimensions and specs may seem confusing at first, but the product you buy will have all the instructions. Make sure to follow it so you can get it to work properly. 

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