What is the Smallest Country?

Geography refers to the study of the features including the lands of the Earth. Smallest CountryOne of the aspects covered by this field of study is the territories and area covered by countries. To enhance our understanding on geography, it is important to know some of the essential facts about the different countries on the Earth. To assist you in this subject matter, below is a short profile of the smallest country in the world.

The Smallest Country in the World

What is the smallest country in the world? Vatican City is considered as the smallest country in terms of area. The approximate area covered by the nation is only 44 hectares. The number of people residing in this place is estimated to be 800. The city was proclaimed as a city-state when the Lateran Treaty was signed in 1929.

In terms of governance, the city is ruled by the Pope. The legislative authority is given to the Pontifical Commission for Vatican City State. This commission is composed of cardinals assigned by the leader of the state for a five-year period. The executive power is vested on the commission’s president. If anything bad happens to the president, then the power is vested on the General Secretary and Deputy General Secretary of the commission. Like in other countries, Vatican City has designated departments for telecommunications, security and health.

Whenever there is papal vacancy, the authority to administer the Holy See’s temporal rights is given to the Cardinal Camerlengo. When it comes to the military security, the Pontifical Swiss Guard is in-charged with ensuring the safety of the Pope. As of 2005, the Pontifical Swiss Guard is composed of 134 members. In terms of the peace and order in the entire country, the government assigned members of the Corpo della Gendarmeria to monitor and prevent crimes in the place.

The economy of the place is dependent solely on the sale of tourist mementos, postage stamps as well as publications. Another source of income of some people living in the city is the fees that they get from establishing and managing museums. There is a bank that is distinct of the Vatican City. The bank known as the Istituto per le Opere di Religione is the only bank in the world that has automated teller machines that uses the Latin language. When it comes to communication, there are several languages spoken in the city. These include the Romansh, Italian, German, Spanish, English and French.

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