Truck Bed Dimensions for a GMC Jimmy

Truck bed dimensions for a GMC Jimmy come in two major types. The two-door, base-model has a 67 inch space. With the four-door LT model it is 74 inches. The Jimmy and the Chevrolet S-10 Blazer are virtually identical models.

First Generation

These models are 64.3 in (1,633 mm) high and 65.4 in (1,661 mm) wide. The 4-door is 176.8 in (4,491 mm) long while the 2-door is 170.3 in (4,326 mm). The wheelbase is 107.0 in (2,718 mm) for the 4-door and 100.5 in (2,553 mm) for the 2-door.

Second Generation

The truck’s height is 64.2 in (1,631 mm) Р67.0 in (1,702 mm) and is 67.8 in (1,722 mm) wide. The length is 181.2 in (4,602 mm) Р188.8 in (4,796 mm) for the 4-door and 174.7 in (4,437 mm) Р177.3 in (4,503 mm) for the 2-door.

1995-2001 GMC Jimmy

The truck bed dimensions for a GMC Jimmy place it in the mid-size SUV range. This version was produced beginning in 1983. It continued until 2005. Unlike older models, this has a softer suspension configuration. This is because the body is more rigid. Regular suspensions can deal with bumps, but the ones on the four door models are superior.

There is also a “Euro ride” suspension option for enhanced cornering. The SUV has room for up to four adults. With the 4-door version, five adults can fit in. The 4-door model has more cargo room than before.

The 2000 Version

Like the previous models, this is the GMC equivalent of the Chevy Blazer. It comes in 2 and 3-door set ups. The vehicle can be in 4WD or 2WD. The vehicle is equipped with the General Motors’ Autotrac 4WD system for auto engagement.

The interior comes with split-bench seats rear and front. There is room for six people. Front buckets are included in the SLT and SLE trims. The Diamond Edition comes with an electronic climate control and Bose premium sound system.

The two-door variant allows you to choose from cloth upholstery and front buckets. The 4-door has more room at the rear. For the exterior, you can choose from a tailgate that drops down or swings up. Either one will have the rear window flipping up.

The truck bed dimensions for a GMC Jimmy are not the only factors buyers should consider. As these figures show, the passenger capacity can vary. However, all the current versions have 190-horsepower, 4.3-liter V-6 installed.

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