Soldering Iron Sizes


Many soldering iron sizes exist in the market. Some models are 10 inches long, 2 inches wide and 2.5 inches high. Other soldering iron models sold today measure 11 x 3.5 x 2.6, 10 x 2.7 x 2.3 and many other sizes. 

Facts about the Soldering Iron 

This is a tool used for soldering purposes. Soldering refers to the fusion of two metals to produce a joint. However, soldering is also applicable for plastics. The soldering iron gives you a controlled heat source. 

This can be used to control the materials utilized during the soldering procedure. This is necessary to produce clean and smooth joints. Whatever soldering iron sizes you choose, it’s important to know something about the soldering process too. 

Information about Soldering 

Soldering is easy enough to understand. During soldering, solder (a pliable metal alloy) is melted. This is fused to the metal to which it will be combined with. After the solder has cooled down, the joint is formed. 


Here the joint is heated to snap the bonds and take the solder off. Desoldering is done in situations when the metal has to be adjusted or repaired. In either case, the soldering iron can be used. 

Soldering Iron Design and Use

The traditional soldering iron looks like a metal rod connected to an insulated handle. The device will run on gas or electricity. When the tool is heated, the heat gets concentrated along the tip. A bit of solder is set on the tip so it will be heated up. The iron is used to put the molten solder at the joint. 

This procedure will need a flux. The flux is a type of material used to keep the solder pure. One of the biggest concerns of a user is oxidation, as this can weaken the soldered joint. More control over the process becomes possible when the soldering iron temperature is controlled. 

Care and Maintenance

Repeated use will fill the soldering tip with impurities. You can avoid this by cleaning the tip with a sponge. Special sponges for soldering irons can be purchased in stores. Once it is cleaned, a new solder can be applied. This will keep oxidation from building at the tip. 

Whichever soldering iron size you use, take care when you use it. The danger comes from the tip, which can be very hot. For this reason, some people use the tool with a workstation. This provides the tool with a place to rest on. 

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