Soccer Field Dimensions

Although people can play the game almost anywhere, the dimensions of a soccer field are regulated. The soccer fieldfollowing are the measurements for both the pro game as well as the other levels.

Professional Soccer Field Measurements

The entire field is 100 yards long and has a width of 60 yards. In the middle of the field is the midfield line. It segments the field into two equal parts.

There is also a circle in the midst of the field measuring 10 yards. It is the spot where defensive players must steer clear from at the onset of the game (i.e., the kickoff).

The Penalty Sections

Other important dimensions of a soccer field you must understand are the penalty areas. The penalty box (as it is called) measures 44 yards wide and 18 yards deep. It is set in the middle of the goal mark.

10 yards from the penalty is an arc. Any fouls made in this part may bring on a penalty kick. The penalty mark itself is about 12 yards away from the end line.

Corner Kick and Goal Section

The goal area is marked by a small rectangle within the penalty area. It is at the goal center. The goal area measures 20 yards wide and 6 yards deep. This is the spot where penalty kicks are delivered.

The dimensions of a soccer field state that the corner kick is at the 1 yard quarter at the field corners. There is a circle there where a player should put the ball. When the ball is set there it can be kicked. In professional games the goal is 8 ft tall with a width of 24 ft.

College and High School Soccer

The field measures vary. Length wise they rarely go beyond 120 yards but rarely below 110 yards. In terms of width the field is between 80 and 65 yards. In junior high, the field is set at 100 by 55 yards. Whatever the size, the field must be rectangular in shape.

The dimensions of a soccer field in all levels have some similarities. High school and college goals measure 8 yards like the pro game. There is a distance of 8 ft from the ground up to the crossbar.

The widths of the goalposts do not exceed 5 in. The goal itself is connected to the surface. The field is also divided by a line. The penalty marks for high school soccer are set at 18 yards within the goal structure.

Unless agreed to otherwise, there are 11 players allowed for each team on the field. The positions (goalie, midfielder, forwards etc) are the same in all soccer matches.

It should be stated that some high schools and colleges play on smaller fields. In this case the sizes of the goals and penalty areas are adjusted accordingly.

The dimensions of a soccer field will also vary for kids. But no matter the size of the field, the way the game is played is pretty much the same all over the world.

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