Smallest MP-3 Player?

The world’s smallest mp3 player is the Kube. Developed by OLLO Technologies, it measures 23 x 23 x 23 mm. it is smaller than the human thumb. It weighs 18 grams. It is so small that a user will hardly feel it.

Features of the Kube

The device has a 2GB capacity, good for about 500 songs (average length 4 minutes). The device uses a micro SD slot, so the capacity can be expanded up to 32 GB. This will allow you to store up to 8,000 songs. To do this, you just slip in the micro SD memory card. It is also possible to swap hundreds of music files at once.

The world’s smallest mp3 player can play music continuously up to six hours. This is possible if the device is fully charged via a USB cable. It may be connected to a desktop or laptop PC. The Kube can support mp3s up to 320kbps and VBR (variable bit rates). The Kube also supports PCM, WAV, MIDI and WMA.

The Kube has earphones included. These are made from neodymium materials so they last longer. It is available in black, yellow, blue, pink and white.

Facts about Mp3 Players

Despite the difference in designs, they are all made primarily to play mp3 files. An mp3 is a compressed audio file created by the Motion Pictures Experts Group (MPEG). The smaller players use flash memory.

Unlike the standard computer memory, information on the flash memory is not lost when the device is turned off. It utilizes very little power so it is ideal for small players. There are several players in the market, although Apple’s iPod is considered by many as the most popular.

Non Portable Mp3 Players

While many prefer the small devices, a number of non-portable versions have appeared. These are also known as media centers or digital hubs. They are somewhere between a computer and a stereo component.

Their main attraction is the ability to access mp3s and other digital files on home network computers. They are fitted with numerous audiovisual connections so they can be merged with home entertainment systems. Like TVs, they are often sold with remote controls for easier access.

While some people may prefer to have the world’s smallest mp3 player, others prefer a slightly larger device so it doesn’t get lost easily. However, the trend in the market is towards smaller and smaller music players.

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