Sizes of Utility Tires

Utility tire sizes are as varied as those of regular tires. Some have diameters of 15 inches, while others are 16, 17, 18 and so on. These can be used on different vehicles, including utility trailers. If you are going to get tires for those, here are a few things to remember.

Check the Regulations

States and regions may have specific rules on how trailers are used. This includes the tires. Before you buy, review the rules that cover the tire usage and application.


The tires must be sized properly for the utility trailer. This is also true if you are buying one for a car, truck, SUV, etc. Since utility trailers vary, you must pick a size specifically for that type.

You can find the information on the owner’s manual. The appropriate utility trailer sizes will be set there. This is also true for other vehicles. Make sure that the tires you buy are all the same size.

Notes on Load Capacity

Apart from the physical dimensions, the load capacity must be accounted for. The tires must possess the right load capacity. Simply put: ensure that the tires can support the weight of the vehicle when it is fully loaded.

This is very important; if the load capacity is incorrect, the tires will wear out quickly. Worse, it can suddenly blow out. Again, the owner’s manual will provide the information for you.

About Inflated Tires

If the utility tire sizes look flat or short of air, inflate them before putting on the trailer. If the tire inflation is incorrect, the vehicle gas mileage will go up. This will also add pressure on the tires. This will drag the vehicle and produce all sorts of problems. This can lead to a tire blowup while driving, which is very dangerous.

Buying the Correct Tires

Aide from the information above, there are a few other facts to keep in mind. Buy only from reputable stores. If you are going to buy online, check the reputation of the seller. Make your purchase only in reputable sites.

One of the advantages of not buying online is you can see the item up close. You can compare the prices whether you are online or buying in a brick and mortar store.

Having the right utility tire sizes is a must. But the other factors mentioned cannot be ignored either. Only after assessing the aforementioned facts should you consider purchasing those items.

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