Smallest Hearing Aids Available

A hearing aid can tremendously improve one’s quality of life. Now that there are several types available in the market, you can readily choose which type will best suit your lifestyle.

Plus, with small hearing aids some of which are even hardly noticeable; you will never again feel self-conscious about wearing a hearing aid. Gone are the days when you will have to make do with those humongous hearing aids that are usually worn over the ear, making you stand-out in a crowd.

With a variety of the Smallest Hearing Aids Available in the market today, you can take your pick as to which one will give you the most comfort and the best hearing quality.

Smallest Hearing Aids Available

Some of the smallest hearing aids that you can find today are worn directly in the ear canal. These types are what you call Completely in the Canal hearing aids or CIC.

These usually measure nine millimeters. One of the smallest hearing aids however was first tested a couple of years back and this measures approximately 25 millimeters in length by 5 millimeters in width.

There is however, a downside to these small hearing aids. The battery can only last for two weeks tops. But thanks to the latest technology in hearing aids, there are now small hearing aids that can be worn over longer periods, typically around one hundred and twenty days without having to change any batteries.

The Lyric Hearing Aid is one such invisible hearing aid that is placed directly through the ear canal. This is by far one of the smallest hearing aids today.

Choosing a Hearing Aid

Before you begin to choose the type of hearing aid that you want to get, it is first important to have a proper diagnosis performed by your doctor. There are certain hearing aids that are specifically-designed for different levels of hearing loss.

The Lyric Hearing Aid for instance, is best worn by patients with mild to moderately-severe hearing loss. This is not recommended for elderly patients.

Your doctor can give you recommendations on the right type of hearing aid that will best suit your needs. If you prefer to go with small hearing aids, those that are almost invisible to the naked eye, you should tell your doctor about it so he can likewise give you recommendations.

You can also check the internet for several options on all hearing aids, particularly the type that you want. It is important to take note how the hearing aids are worn particularly for the small ones as there are some models that require the help of a doctor to insert the hearing aid through your ear canal.

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