Sizes of Spare Tires

There are various spare tire sizes, but you should only get the one that fits your vehicle. You can find this information on the owner’s manual. Keep that information in mind when shopping for that spare. Your vehicle will have an extra tire when you buy it. Use that as reference.

How to Buy These Tires

Although it is possible to purchase space saver tires (also called donuts), the full size is a better option. They are cheaper and can be used just like your standard tires. Before you buy, check the car’s storage facility.

If the spare is set in the trunk, only a specific amount of space may be allowed. Examine the dimensions first. In some cases, the trunk may not be big enough for the regular size.

In that case you are left with only the donut spare tire size option. If you are going to purchase the tire, ensure that it is inflated fully before you take it home.

Notes on Installation

Install the tire as you would the other tires. Always bring the jack when you travel; you won’t be able to replace the tire without it. Before you travel, make sure the spare is fully inflated. If you use it, do not forget to buy another one to replace it.

Covers for the Spares

You can also buy covers for the tire. They are typically seen on SUVs and jeeps. The tire is usually mounted on the rear. This cover is fully functional, but it is also decorative. These are available in different styles, colors and materials. Sometimes these are sold along with the spare. But in other cases you have to buy it separately.

If the spare is full, the cover may not be necessary. But it is recommended if the spare is exposed to climate extremes. These covers can guard the spare against dry rotting, excessive heat and UV rays. These covers will also keep sand from settling in the grooves.

Other elements like road salt, sleet and snow will also be kept at bay. These covers are absolutely vital if traveling in snow. Changing the spare in frosty weather is very difficult. Without the covers, the spare will likely be as damaged as the one it is supposed to replace.

While there are many styles to choose from, the spare tire sizes are most essential. Regardless of how the tire looks, it is useless if it does not fit.

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