Bike Sizes


Getting the right bike size is very important because an ill-fitting bike may cause accidents or discomfort after riding it for awhile. Choosing bike sizes depends on a number of factors such as the type of riding that you will be doing, your inseam measurements and your height.

Your inseam is the length from the inside of your leg, from the crotch down to the floor. If you do not know your inseam size, you should take your measurements first prior to choosing your bike.

Measuring Your Inseam Length

Taking your inseam measurements is very simple and easy. First, stand against the wall, with your back firmly planted on the wall in a straight and upright position.

You should do this where the floor is an even and smooth surface so you won’t be tilting or leaning towards one side more than the other. You need your feet to be flat on the ground.

Move your legs apart, at least six to eight inches apart. Now, get a book that would closely have the thickness or size of a bicycle seat. Put the book between your legs, just up against your crotch. Make sure that the book has the spine up when you place it against your crotch.

From the top of the book down to the ground, ask a friend to take this measurement. This is then your inseam length.

Bike Sizes

Based on your height and inseam, you can now find the right bike size that will fit you. 

Check the following measurements and recommended bike size:

  • If you are between 5’3” and 5’4” with an inseam of about 28.5 and 29 inches, your recommended frame size is from 49 centimeters to 59 centimeters with a top tube of about 51 centimeters.
  • For those who are between 5’4.5” and 5’5” tall with an inseam of about 29.5 to 30 inches, look for a frame size between 51 and 52 centimeters, with a top tube of about 52 up to 53 centimeters.
  • People who are around 5’6” up to 5’8”, with an inseam between 30.75 to 32 inches, your ideal bike frame is between 53 to 55 centimeters; with a top tube of 54 up to 55 centimeters.
  • For those around 5’8.75” up to 5’11” with an inseam that measures from 32.5 to 33.75 inches; look for a bike frame size between 56 to 58 centimeters with a top tube of 55.5 up to 56.5 centimeters.
  • A 6-foot tall person with an inseam of 34.25 inches, you should check out a bike frame size of 59 centimeters with a top tube of about 57 centimeters.

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