Sizes of Car Dash Mats

There are many car dash mat sizes. Some of the dimensions you will see are 1.9 x 8.6 x 9.3 inches, 2 x 7 x 9 inches and 3 x 8 x 9 inches and so on. You can find the right size by checking your car’s make and model.


Also known as dashboard covers, these are accessories made to protect the dashboard. People purchase these covers for a variety of reasons, but its main purpose is to keep the dashboard intact. These accessories are sold in various colors and styles. You can use these covers to express your sense of style too. Different materials are used to make these covers.

Why Mats are Necessary

While there are many different car dash mat sizes, their purpose is the same. Majority of dashboards are composed of plastic or similar material. When exposed to the sun for prolonged periods, it will fade and bleach.

Constant exposure to UV rays can lead to cracking. A disintegrating dashboard is not going to help the vehicle’s resale value. This can also damage the foam beneath it, which can be hazardous to drivers. That is why the mats are necessary.

These mats will also prevent dust and dirt from gathering. Once you see dirt on the cover, just shake it off. The dashboard itself is kept clean. Various objects can also be placed on these covers without worrying they will slide off. It means a driver can put sunglasses, cell phones, and other items on it.

These mats can lessen the glare in the vehicle. Glares can affect the driver’s vision, which may cause an accident.


It is vital that the covers are situated correctly. Incorrect positioning can block the vents meant to defrost the windshield and circulate air. The driver must also ensure the cover does not project over the edge. If it does, it may become difficult to see the gas meter, speedometer and other instruments.

Again, this can be avoided if you pick the right car dash mat sizes. When deciding what to buy, make sure you have your car specs with you. Also check the product and make sure it will not move around.

There are several types of dash covers to choose from. Many of them are designed to hold GPS devices and other electronic gadgets. Their costs will vary, but you can easily check these on the Web or in a store.

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