Size of a Car Shift Boot

Car shift boot sizes vary, with some measuring 8 x 7 x 2 inches. The other shift boot models measure 6 x 5 x 2 inches. Whatever the sizes are, these perform an important role. If they are worn out, it is essential they be replaced as soon as possible.

Replacing the Boots

The most obvious sign is a hot gearstick. Ideally, the lower and higher boots should be replaced every couple of years. Before you do so, ensure the car is set in neutral.

Removing the Knob and Console

The first step is to take off the gear knob. Usually this involves no more than unscrewing or twisting it. Refer to the car manual if the set up is different. Taking out the console is the next step. This is usually kept in place by a few screws.

The position of the screws may vary, but they should be fairly easy to spot. Whatever the car shift boot sizes are, the console has to be lifted first.

The front part is lifted first then moved forward just enough to pass the fuel cap levers. Before the console is removed, a few electrical connectors have to be unplugged. Set the console aside.

Exposing the Shift Boots

The boots can be exposed simply by removing the sound deadening material set around the gear. This is typically kept in place by 4 10mm bolts. The boot can be taken off by sliding it on the gear stick. If the cable tie or white nylon band gets in the way, cut it off.

Take out any remaining deadening sound material so the lower boot is revealed. These are also secured by bolts.

Lifting the Gearstick

Get an old rag. Use it to wipe oil drips as you take the gear stick out. Pay attention to the slots; make sure the gearstick is aligned properly. Just like with the boot, the simplest method to take off the lower one is to slice it off.

Cut the rubber. Remove any dirt. When it is clean, you can put the new boot on. Replace the nylon cup if it is worn down. Some grease may be necessary if the fit is a bit too tight. Refer to the car manual if necessary.

Always remember that a well designed clutch can last a long time. But the boots do not. Whatever the shift boot sizes you pick are, make sure it is of good quality.

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