Relationship Break Length

When it comes to relationship break lengths, Relationship Breakwhat works for one may not work for another. While no standard formula exists, there are a few things worth keeping in mind.

Defining a Relationship Break

First it should be pointed out that the term can mean two things. The first is taking time off from getting involved in a romantic relationship of any sort. The second is a cooling off period between partners. These are two very different situations that need to be handled in different ways.

The Cooling Off Period

For a couple that has been together for a long time, this can be difficult. But if you’re both open and still talking, it may be easier to do. First of all, it’s important you both recognize there’s a problem.

Once that has been acknowledge, the other steps will be easier. The relationship break length or duration is not important at this point. Instead, just tell your partner that you may both need time away from one another.

You need to discuss the amount of time you want to stay apart, be it two weeks or a few months. You should also consider the type of communication you want to maintain.

If the cooling off period is intended to save your relationship, you need to at least keep in touch by phone or email if not in person. Others however, may prefer no communication at all. It’s something that needs to be discussed to avoid misunderstanding.

In any event, the relationship break length can help you see your status more clearly. It helps determine if you miss the person, or if you’re better off making the break permanent. Ether way, it is something worth trying if only to try and salvage a relationship. You have nothing to lose.

When to Date Again

If you’re coming off a broken romance, how soon should you start going out again? There really are no hard and fast rules. Some people end up feeling guilty about getting over someone so quick. But you shouldn’t.

People react to breakups differently; others are able to get over it in a few days, while others may require a relationship break length that lasts years. However there are a few things you should consider.

First, allow yourself some time to heal. If the break up was bitter, you may feel like dating out of revenge or spite. That won’t help. Second, it’s best if you don’t force the situation either way.

Don’t go around looking for dates immediately, but neither should you lock your doors and just stay home. Instead, it’s better if you focus on work, kids etc.

Do try and regain the social life you lost during the relationship. Go out with friends, and see what happens. If you meet someone interesting, take it slow. Start by getting to know the person and go on from there.

In the end, the relationship break length is something only you can determine. Do not be too concerned about days, weeks or months; your heart will tell you when it’s time to start over again.

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