Range Rover Dimensions

Range Rover Dimensions are important as this can be a determining factor in the question; is this the right car for you? Although the Range Rovers have been Range Rover Dimensionsaround since the 1970s, they remain very popular. The specifications for these models are as follows.

Dimensions of Range Rover Classic

The wheelbase is 100 in (or about 2540 mm). The length of the Range Rover is 176 in or 4470 mm. It is 70 in (178 mm) wide and 70 in (1889 mm) high. The fuel capacity is 86.5 L (equal to 22.9 US gallons). These models were first released in 1970.

Several innovations were made as the years progressed. One of the most significant was the introduction of the four door concept in 1981. The early models were also fitted with 135 hp engines. This was changed to the 39 L in 1990. A couple of years later, 4.2 liters were used specifically for the Long Wheelbase type.

Range Rover Dimensions – 2nd Generation

This range of vehicles came out in 1995, 25 years after the Classic models appeared. The SUV is 185.5 in (or 4712 mm) long, 71.6 in (equal to 1819 mm) high and 74.4 in (1890 mm) wide.

The engines were the 4.0 L Rover V8, the 2.5 L BMW M51 Turbodiesel I6 and the 4.6 L Rover V8. The transmission is 4 speed automatic. Its wheelbase is 108.1 in (2746 mm).

The 2nd generation types employ new variants of the V8 engines. A 2.5 BMW 6 cylinder diesel engine could also be installed. The model was also given new suspension. Modifications were made for the chassis. These models are also known as the P38 or P38A.

Range Rover Dimensions – 3rd Generation

These models were introduced in 2002. The wheelbase is 113.4 in (or 2880 mm). The length of the 2003-05 Rover is 194.9 in or 4950 mm. For the 2006-09 models it is 195.7 in (4971 mm). It is 77 in (or 1956 mm) wide and the height is 73.3 in (1862 mm). The 2006 model is 74.9 in (or 1902 mm) high.

The third generation Range Rover also has features not seen in previous models. They include air filters, telescopic leather-wrapped steering wheel fitted with radio, memory system, sunroof and CD changers. The Range Rover also has navigation systems, rearview camera, temperature status, a garage door opener and more.

Dimensions of Other Range Rover Models

The 2006 model was similar to the other ones that came out during the same period. The main difference was that the engine was a Ford. The Jaguar AJ V8 could also be installed (4.4 liters, 200 hp). The Rover could reach speeds of up to 97 km/h (60 mph) in 14 seconds. The maximum speed is 180 km/h or 110 mph.

The changes made to the 2007 were all in the inside. The consoles and the control panels were modified and the handbrake was changed to electronic. The inferior storage was also expanded. The key used for the Range Rover was also altered.

As with other SUVs, the dimensions of the Range Rover are being updated and changed. The prevailing economic and market situation plays a large role in determining its shape and features. As you can see, Range Rover dimensions depend on a lot of factors which you will need to take into account.

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