Passport Photo Measurements

In the United States, the passport photo measurements must be 2 x 2 inches. The same size is required in Thailand. In Singapore, Switzerland, Italy and the United Kingdom, the passport dimensions must be 4.3 x 3.5 cm. In Canada it is 7 x 5 cm and in China it is 4.3 x 3.3 cm.

Other Requirements

While the sizes vary, some requirements are constant. The passport photo must be trimmed (cropped) prior to its utilization. In the United States, these standards must be met to make a photo legitimate.

Besides the 2 x 2 size, the picture must be set on a plain white background. The picture must not have stains or blemish. Even if the passport photo measurements vary among countries, all require the subject to be clearly visible.

In addition, the person must face the camera fully. The eyes must be fully open as well. The subject must not smile or frown. The expression should be normal. The mouth has to be closed.

In US passport photos, the eyes need to be 28 to 35 mm over the bottom of the image. There must also be sufficient distance around and over the individual’s head.

The shoulders and the chest must be partially seen. Shadows or any form of silhouette cannot be present in the picture. This is true not just for US photos but also for other passports.

How to Take Proper US Passport Photo Measurements

Keep in mind that the US 2 x 2 size is the same one utilized for visa applications. In order for your picture to be accepted, it is recommended that you follow these guidelines.

Ensure the subject is looking straight ahead. The head must be straight. You should position the camera up to your subject’s eyes. Unless you are adept at holding the camera, utilize a tripod to keep it steady.

To prevent shadows, make sure the lighting is sufficient and clear. A good distance to shoot the picture is four feet away. After you take the picture, print the photo on photo quality paper.

Other Information

Countries have different rules about wearing eyeglasses. Sunglasses should not be worn, however. If the subject wears eyeglasses regularly, they can wear them. Just to be sure, take two pictures, one with the eyeglasses and another without it.

In the United States, the subject is required to write their name at the back of the picture. In Canada, the photographer’s name and contact information must be written at the picture’s back. Other countries will have other requirements.

It should be stressed that not all countries demand the image be taken against a white background. Some countries may require a blue background instead. There are many shops where you can take the picture. The many high quality printers available today make it easy to make your own passport photos.

While these passport photo measurements are the standards used, they can change at any time. It is best if you check the appropriate government agencies before you have your picture taken.

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