Most Populated Asian Cities

The following list of the most populated Asian cities is based on a study by the United Nations. Keep in mind that the figures given below are estimates.

Number 1 to 10

Shanghai is the most populated with 14,608,512. Mumbai is number two with 12,691,836. At number three is Karachi with 11,624,219. The fourth most populated is Istanbul with 11,174,257. Delhi is at number five with 10,927,986. Manila is the sixth most populated with 10,444,527.

At number 7 is Dhaka with 10,356,500. The number eight slot is for Seoul, South Korea with 10,349,312. Jakarta, Indonesia is at number nine with 8,540,121. The tenth spot belongs to Tokyo with 8,336,599.

Most Populated Asian Cities: 11 to 20

At number 11 is Taipei with 7,871,900. The number 12 slot belongs to Beijing, China with 7,480,601. At the number 13 slot is Tehran, Iran with a population of 7,153,309. At the number 14 slot is Nanchong with 7,150,000. The fifteenth most populated is Hong Kong with an estimated population of 7,012,738. The number 16 slot belongs to Lahore with 6,310,888.

The 17h most populated is Baghdad, Iraq with 5,672,513. Tai'an is at the 18th slot with 5,499,000. At 19th place is Bangkok, Thailand with a population of 5,104,476. The 20th most populated is Bengaluru with a population of 5,104,047.

Number 21 to 30 Most Populated

Kaifeng is the 21st most populated with 4,800,000. At number 22 is Calcutta, India with a population of 4,631,392. At number 23 is Rangoon with 4,477,638. At the number 24 slot is Chennai with 4,328,063. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia is at the number 25 slot with a population of 4,205,961.

Wuhan is at number 26 with 4,184,206. The 27th most populated is Chongqing. Its population has been put at 3,967,028. The number 28 slot is Chengdu with 3,950,437. Chittagong is at number 29 with 3,920,222. At the number 30 slot is Tianjin with 3,766,207.

Number 31 to 40

Number 31 is Ahmadabad with 3,719,710. At number 32 is Pusan with 3,678,555. The number 33 slot belongs to Hyderabad with 3,597,816. The 34th most populated is Puyang with 3,590,000. Yokohama is at the number 35 slot 3,574,443. The number 36 slot belongs to Singapore with 3,547,809. At number 37 is Ankara with 3,517,182.

The number 38 slot belongs to Shenyang with a population of 3,512,192. The number 39 slot belongs to Thanh pho Ho Chí Minh with 3,467,331. At number 40 in the list of the most populated Asian cities is Shiyan with 3,460,000.

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