Most Expensive Shoes

Women love shoes. They have them by the dozens, hundreds and even thousands. This is why it should come as no surprise that some of the most expensive shoes in the world were designed for women.

There are men’s shoes that made the cut, too; but the prices for these are not even a quarter of the most costly shoes designed for women.

The World’s Most Expensive Shoes

Ruby Slippers – Designer: House of Harry Winston, Cost: USD3 million

If you want to make like Dorothy and hop and skip down the Yellow Brick Road, you may have to spend three million US dollars to literally be in Dorothy’s shoes.

Designed by Ronald Winston from the House of Harry Winston, this pair of shoes is embellished with four thousand and six hundred rubies worth a whopping 1,350 carats.

Fittingly so, it was Judy Garland who first wore these Ruby Slippers.

Rita Hayworth Heels – Designer: Stuart Weitzman, Cost: USD3 million

This pair of shoes takes inspiration from one of Hollywood’s most beloved actresses of all time, Rita Hayworth. Adorned with sapphire stones, rubies and topped with diamonds, women will definitely feel like a movie star wearing these heels.

Tanzanite Heels – Designer: Stuart Weitzman, Cost: USD 2 million

This pair of shoes was the collaborative efforts of Stuart Weitzman and Le Vian. The shoes are adorned with diamonds weighing a total of twenty-eight carats and one hundred and eighty-five carats worth of tanzanite.

But the icing on the cake, so to speak, are the heels. They are embellished with five hundred and ninety-five carats of Kwiat platinum diamonds, making these one of the most expensive heels to date.

Ruby Slippers – Designer: Stuart Weitzman, Cost: USD1.6 million

It seems that designers can’t get enough of Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers. These however are stilettos adorned with six hundred and forty-two rubies.

Platinum Guild Stilettos – Designer: Stuart Weitzman, Cost: USD1 million

Stuart Weitzman once again designed one of the most expensive pairs of shoes in the world; this time, in the make of the Platinum Guild Stilettos. This pair actually costs $1,090,000 and is embellished with four hundred and sixty-four Kwiat diamonds.

This was first worn during the Oscars ceremony back in 2002.

Retro Rose Pumps – Designer: Stuart Weitzman, Cost: USD 1 million

When you first spot this pair of pumps, you may not think there’s something really special about them. However, upon closer inspection, you will find that these are actually designed with one hundred carats of Kwiat diamonds – about one hundred and eight of them.

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