Kitchen Countertop Dimensions

Also called a worktop, benchtop, or backsplash, a countertop is basically found within different work areas such as workrooms and food preparation areas. Aside from these places, it is commonly found in kitchens. Some of the common materials used to create such important fixture include stainless steel, wood and natural stones. In addition to these interesting facts, there are more to know about it including information on the standard kitchen countertop dimensions.

The Dimensions of a Kitchen Countertop

From front to back, the standard measurement of a kitchen countertop is 650 millimeters or 25.5 inches. In terms of height, the average size is about 914.4 millimeters or 36 inches. It is frequently found on top of cabinets, which also serve as its support. Natural stones make good countertops, specifically because of their durability as well as the interesting designs that they create. Besides the usual marble, limestone and granite, it is also possible to use other elements like gabbro and soapstone.

Additional Facts and Other Interesting Details

In addition to natural stones, it is also possible to use synthetic materials to create beautiful, efficient and durable countertops for your kitchen. Some of the commonly used include phenolic resin, epoxy and tile. Some modern homes even use terrazzo, polyester acrylic and quartz surfacing. For something simple, concrete makes good countertops as well.

Made from 100 percent natural quartz, many people find quartz surfacing a highly interesting material for their countertops. Aside from being non-porous, this kind of material is scratch-proof, which guarantees to give you nice-looking and highly durable countertops for a very long time. Just like solid-surface plastic materials, this type of material is prefabricated before it is to be installed in place. It is available in different thickness including the 4-centimeter or 1.5-inch version, the 3-centimeter or 1.25-inch version as well as the 1.2-centimeter or 0.5-inch version.

For those who are looking for something different, an engineered quartz surfacing is also a very good material for making kitchen countertops. This fine material is made up of 5 percent polymer resins and 95 percent natural quartz. Many people love it for their kitchens because it combines the ductility of resin with the toughness of quartz. These two desirable characteristics greatly enhance the impact resistance of this countertop. Some of the leading brands that offer high quality engineered quartz surfacing include Zodiaq, Technistone and Caesarstone. In addition to these brands, superior quality products can also be expected from other top brands like Silestone, NaturaStone and Hanstone.

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