Keg Sizes

A cylindrical container commonly made out of wood, steel or aluminum, the primary purpose of a keg is to transport, serve and store beer. In addition, it can also store non-carbonated or carbonated as well as non-alcoholic or alcoholic beverages. To maintain the high quality of these liquids, this type of container is always under pressure. Before, it came in the form of a wooden barrel, the primary purpose of which was to transport gunpowder and nails. In addition to these interesting facts, there are more to learn about it including the different keg sizes.

The Different Sizes of Kegs

In the United States, kegs are classified into different types. For instance, a half keg has a capacity of 15.5 gallons, an import keg 13.2 gallons and a pony keg 7.75 gallons. Aside from these, there is also a half barrel, the capacity of which is 6.6 gallons. In addition, a torpedo keg can hold 5.23 gallons, a corny keg 5 gallons and a mini keg 1.32 gallons.

The standard keg in the U.S. is the ½ barrel keg. It stands 23.3 inches high, with a diameter ranging from 16.1 inches to 17.16 inches. It can hold 15.5 U.S. gallons, the full weight of which is 72.8 kilograms or 160.5 pounds. When empty, this kind of keg weighs only 13.5 kilograms or 29.7 pounds. Considering this measurement, the total weight of beer that it can hold is 59.3 kilograms or 130.8 pounds.

In European countries, the capacity of the common keg size is 13.21 gallons. It stands 20.94 inches high, the diameter of which is 16.06 inches. Aside from this, the next keg size has a capacity of 7.93 gallons. It has the same diameter as the 13.21-gallon keg, but it has a slightly lower height of 14.37 inches. After this, the next keg has a capacity of 6.61 gallons. Its diameter measures 15.55 inches, while its height is 12.87 inches. The last type of keg can hold up to 5.28 gallons. It has a diameter of 15.55 inches and a height of 8.50 inches.

Additional Facts and Other Interesting Details

Besides the common types of kegs, there is also the smaller mini-keg. Produced mainly for the purpose of retail sales, its capacity is 1.32 gallons. Because this kind of keg is made out of aluminum, it can be recycled for later use. In Canada, beer drinkers call this kind of keg ‘bubba.’ Other less common types of kegs are the party ball, the beer ball as well as the quarter barrel or pony keg.

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