How Small are Elves?

In Christmas lore, elves run Santa’s workshop way up at the North Pole. Although no one knows the exact location of this workshop, stories abound as to the presence of elves as Santa’s helpers in preparation for Christmas Eve – that time when Santa goes around the world to distribute gifts to kids who have been nice.

How Small are Elves?

No one knows their exact height but it is approximated that they stand about 2 to 3 feet tall.

Santa’s elves are usually depicted as having pointed noses, long and pointed ears and they wear garments in either red or green color. They also wear long, pointed hats of the same color as their garments.

If you’ve seen the Harry Potter movies, you will see that the elves here, particularly Dobby, are also around three feet tall. However, in J.R.R Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy, the elves were about the same height as humans.

Santa’s Elves and their Designation

Christmas elves go by many names, usually depending on the story that has them working side by side with Santa Claus. But their main duties are usually the same whichever Christmas story you are reading.

There is one who oversees the list of children who have been naughty or nice during the year, and this one is handled by Alabastair Snowball.

Of course Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without toys and to make millions of toys in time for Christmas, you would need some sort of toy-making contraption. This contraption was created by an elf named Bushy Evergreen.

Since no one knows the exact location of Santa’s workshop or his Christmas Town except Santa, Mrs. Claus and the elves; it is important that this fact be kept a secret by everyone involved. The most-important task of ensuring that this secret is safe falls on the shoulders of the elf Pepper Minstix.

Santa also has a confidant, an elf that is closest to his heart and who founded Christmas Town with him. This elf is known as Shiny Upatree.

Candies are also a huge part of Christmas, and the task of overseeing the production of sweet treats is the elf Sugarplum Mary. She is also Mrs. Claus’ helper in the kitchen.

Now, the very important task of creating Santa’s magical sleigh that can go around the world in one night and ensuring that it is always on top condition, falls on the shoulders of the elf Wunorse Openslae.

This same elf also oversees to the health and well-being of Santa’s reindeers.

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