How Big is a Garlic Plant?

Garlic has been around for more than six thousand years already and is used for health benefits and medicinal purposes as well as for its distinct flavor that adds a twist to any type of dish.

There are several varieties of garlic which are basically determined by the location where they are grown, i.e. Asian and European garlic.

How Big is a Garlic Plant?

In reference to “How big is a garlic plant?” this generally grows up to thirty centimeters or twelve inches tall which is roughly around one foot.

When determining the answer to your question of how big is a garlic plant, you may also want to look at bulb sizes as these may differ depending on the variety of the garlic.

Generally, garlic bulbs may grow between 1 and 1.5 inches up to 2 inches in diameter for the averaged-sized bulb and up to 3 inches in diameter for the larger bulbs.

If you are looking to plant your own garlic, it is important to actually know the specifics of “How big is a garlic plant?” in order to give you an idea of how much space you will need for the plant to grow properly.

In addition to looking at the general dimensions for how big is a garlic plant, knowing the standard bulb size of the garlic variety you have planted will give you an idea of what size to expect once the plant has grown and is ready for harvest.

Once you have determined everything you need to know about “How big is a garlic plant?” you can now start looking for varieties that you may want to plant in your own backyard.

Garlic Production Worldwide

Garlic is grown worldwide with China being the top producer, harvesting approximately twenty-three billion per year, which takes up seventy-seven percent of the global production of garlic.

India comes in second as the biggest producer of garlic, harvesting approximately 645,000 tonnes of garlic per year which is about 4.1% of the total worldwide production.

South Korea comes in third, producing about 325,000 tonnes of garlic annually; accounting for 2% of the total garlic production on a global scale.

Health Benefits of Garlic

Studies have shown that regular intake of garlic has tremendous health benefits. There have been claims that garlic can actually help lower cholesterol levels thereby reducing the risk of developing certain cardiovascular diseases.

It has also been known to reduce the risk of developing specific types of cancer in particular, colon and stomach cancer. In countries where there is high consumption of garlic, it has been found that there have been lower cases of cancer.

It is also said that garlic has antiviral, antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.

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