How Large is an Oregano Plant?

Oregano plant sizes can reach a height of 30 inches. But most adult species do not go beyond more than 8 to 12 inches. Its growth will also be limited if harvested regularly. These usually spread to 18 inches.


This is a perennial plant whose dried form is well known. Several varieties abound, but the most popular is Greek oregano. Also known by its Latin name Origanum vulgare, it is used in many dishes and cuisines. Its seeds and flowers are the ones used for flavoring food. These are also used in traditional and alternative medicine.

The flowers and seeds are also employed in perfumes, dyes and some cosmetics. The oregano plant size has an effect on the food flavoring it can produce.

The plant consists of perennials belonging to the family of mint. Besides the Greek oregano, there are also the Italian, Syrian and Cretan variants.


The features can vary per species. The Greek type comes with white flowers and usually reaches a height of 24 inches. They have grey-green leaves. Most of them prefer wet (not poor) soil.

If they turn wooden, cutting back will give it a chance to re-grow. If it will be used in cooking, the leaves should be dried or fresh. They must be stored in an airtight container.

Oregano and Marjoram

Keep in mind that the Marjorana and Origanum genera names are used interchangeably. Both belong to the same family. This has been the source of some confusion.

Adding to it is the fact that the species differ while the genus is the same. The confusion increases by the names which the plant is known. For example, Greek oregano is also called Spanish thyme and wild marjoram.

Analysis also shows that the two have the most amounts of antioxidants compared to other herbs. The amounts are more plentiful
when fresh than dried.

But there are significant differences between oregano and marjoram. The former is a hardy perennial. Marjoram is also shorter. Marjoram also requires a more damp soil.

Mexican Oregano

Also known as Lippia berlandieri or Lippia graveolen, this herb is not actually oregano. The taste is similar, but it belongs to another herbal family. It also has a higher level of essential oil.

Whatever the oregano plant size is, there is no question it is widely used for food. They are particularly popular in South American and Mexican dishes. It is also quite popular in America.

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