Snowflake Dimensions

For most parts around the world, the onset of the holiday season is marked by snowfall. Come the winter season, snow-covered streets, trees, housetops, mountain peaks and even vehicles are a common sight.

But did you ever wonder how snow is formed or how big it gets? Is it really true that no 2 snowflakes are alike?

Snowflake Dimensions

First off, while it has been said time and again that no 2 snowflakes are alike, this has never actually been scientifically proven yet as of the moment so the answer to this question is still a mystery.

Snowflakes are formed when droplets of water falling from the clouds are turned into crystals, freezing at zero degrees Fahrenheit. The crystals then attach to one another to form snowflakes.

Snowflakes do not come in pre-defined sizes because their formation depends on the condition upon which they were formed; i.e. temperature and level of humidity. Since these two factors are also not constant, the sizes vary.

A few observations have been made however, by those who have studied snowflakes up close, usually through the use of photographs of these snowflakes. Dimensions that have been recorded range from .1 centimeters up to 3 centimeters; 5 centimeters up to 8 centimeters and 7 centimeters up to 10 centimeters.

There have also been larger ones recorded, measuring between 3 to 4 inches long.

Christmas Symbol

Snow is a popular symbol of Christmas. Its whiteness is often linked to purity which in turn is symbolic of the purity of the Baby Jesus.

It may also be looked at as Christians preparing themselves for the coming of Jesus Christ by repenting for their sins, doing good to others and loving their neighbors, hence; as they prepare for Christ’s birth they are also making themselves pure to be worthy of Him.

This being said, snow has become a traditional symbol for Christmas. Even in countries where there is no snow, this is still infused with their traditional holiday decorations with the use of snowflake ornaments or snow replicas like cotton, on trees and windows.

There are also snowflakes crafts that both kids and adults make at home with the use of paper folded several times and then cut to make a string of snowflakes. These are then glued on windows or hung on doors and walls to create a “snowy” atmosphere around the house.

Sometimes, snowflakes from Styrofoam are sprinkled all over the Christmas tree to make it seem like snow has fallen on the tree.

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