How Large is a Fish Net?

Fish net dimensions range from four to 12 feet. However, most people prefer to use nets under 10 ft in size. Those measuring over 10 ft are very difficult to move when full of fish. If the net is over 10 ft in size, you will need someone to help you.


Many people use reels and rods to catch fish. This is fine for competition and for casual fishing. But if you make a living catching fish, the net is a more practical option.

With the proper motion, the net will sieve large amounts of fish. Pay close attention to the hole size. This will determine what kind of fish you will get and let go. That is why it is important that the net doesn’t have tears.

How to Cast the Net

No matter what the fish net dimensions are, the casting method is basically the same. Create a wrist loop and put it on your right wrist. If you are left handed, put the loop over your left hand. Use the hand line to make other loops. Grab these with your casting

Ensure that the drawstrings hangings are straight. Hold these with your casting hand about a third down the net. Stretch the other line with your other hand. Be certain there are no tangles. Now cast with a full counterclockwise movement.

To retrieve, draw the hand line in your direction. Put the net in a container. Let go of the hand line or clamp to release the fish. Although this sounds easy, it takes some practice to perfect. It is best to start with a small net.

The Landing Net

This is the net used by the majority of anglers. This is only used for large fish; small ones like bluegill do not require them. They are more suited for trout, catfish and bass.

An 11- by 15-inch net is adequate for trout and fish of similar dimensions. For the bigger fish, you will need 30 x 40 inch nets. The rim is typically teardrop-shaped. From the rim there is a handle made of aluminum or wood.

These nets are usually made from coated nylon. Others are built from rubber. The high end types have the coated nylon. This ensures the fish does not get hurt.

The fish net dimensions may look deceiving. Those that measure four feet may seem small. But once it is filled with fish, it may prove difficult to haul.

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