How Big is a Trillion?

There has been a growing concern regarding how big How Big is a Trillionis a trillion in the light of the worldwide economic crisis. People will want to know just how big that figure is so they can visualize the losses that companies are claiming.

But this “how big is a trillion” article will not have anything to do with the credit crisis nor with the current economic state in the world. We are just out to make you see the vastness of such a figure.

How Big is a Trillion?

A trillion is mainly characterized by 1 followed by 12 zeros or 1,000,000,000,000. Believe us, that is quite big. Take note off the following analogies:

* One trillion 1,000,000 or one million times bigger than one million.

* One trillion is 1,000 or one thousand times bigger than one billion.

* One million seconds is equivalent to 11 days and a half; one billion seconds is equivalent to 32 years; one trillion seconds is equivalent to no less than 32,000 years!

* If you are spending one million dollars a year since Jesus Christ was born, you would still have not spent one trillion dollars at this time and age.

* If you stack up one trillion in $100 bills, you will be able to fill up a football field.

It could not be stressed enough that a trillion is truly a huge figure. It is a huge number. It is characterized with lots of zeros, lots of digits. If you are counting numbers and you are not using a mechanical counter, you would probably go wild counting one trillion. It would also be difficult for anyone to count numbers through verbalization. To pronounce numbers more than one million, you would need a couple of seconds. This means that if you will recite the numbers from one to one trillion, it would probably take you more than 30 days to be able to do that if you are counting nonstop.

In the United States, especially, considering how big is a trillion is becoming in demand. That’s since the national government claimed that the country’s national debt is amounting to a little less than five trillion US dollars. Now that you know how big is a trillion, you will probably no longer question why the politicians are highly concerned. Now that you are able to figure out how much money is involved, you will understand the worldwide alarm. A trillion is a big figure. It is no joke. A country having less than five times that figure of a debt would be understandably worried.

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