How Big is a Broaching Machine?

The broaching machine size will vary depending on the manufacturer and how it will be used. The following are some examples.

Axisco Broaching Machines (Horizontal)

Model YHZ-050 has a maximum force of 5 tons and maximum stroke of 1200m/m. The maximum tooling length is 1200m/m. The cutting speed is 0~9m/min. The return speed is 0~13m/min and the power (HP) is 7 1/2H6P.

The cutting oil pump is 1/2HP and the maximum workpiece diameter is 380m/m. The machine height is 1800m/m and the floor space is 1300x1500m/m. It weighs 2800kg. The working table height is 1100m/m.

Model YHZ-070

YHZ-070 has a working table height of 1150m/m and the machine weight is 3000kg. The floor space is 1300x1500m/m and the maximum workpiece diameter is 380m/m. The cutting oil pump is 1/2HP and the power (HP) is 7 1/2H6P. The return speed is 0~13m/min. The other specs are also similar to model YHZ-050.

Model YHZ-100

The broaching machine size for this model is as follows: the weight is 3600kg and the working table height is 1150m/m. The workspace diameter is 460m/m. The cutting oil pump is 1HP. The power is 15H6P. The maximum force is 10 tons.

Vertical Broaching Machines

Model CHI-360 has a broaching force of 3 tons. The max stroke is 600 mm and the broaching speed is 3~10. The return speed is 2~14. The maximum external diameter is 300 mm.

For model CHI-7513, the broaching force is 75(7.5 ton). The maximum stroke is 1300 mm and broaching speed is 3~9. The return speed is 2~13. The maximum external diameter is 380 mm.

What are Broaching Machines?

It is a metal cutting machine used mainly for finishing off surfaces. This is accomplished by pressing the utility on the surface. In simple terms, the tool functions like a cutter. The broaching machine functions on the basis of proper workpiece offsetting.

The centerline of the workpiece and the broaching utility are positioned to offset one another by a degree. This setting generates a scalloping effect. It lets the tool shave the piece.

As the tool is rotated, the workpiece is kept in a fixed position. This means only the edge will be broached. This will keep the machine from broaching the entire surface.    

Aside from the different broaching machine size, these are also available in different types. These include the vertical dual ram surface broaching machine and the internal type. There are more variants currently being sold today.

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