How Big is a Belgian Waffle Maker?

We all love waffles. Good thing, there is an available kitchen tool that will enable us to make perfect waffles every single time.

The Belgian waffle maker is one of the most popular kinds of this tool. It is sleek and allows for a professional effect. It creates beautiful coffered squares on top and bottom sides. It is also available a variety of sizes to suit one’s requirement.

Different Sizes

The Belgian waffle maker is nice to have at home. Belgian waffles make for a great breakfast meal, when paired with a cup of coffee or tea. Drenched in syrup, kids and kids-at-heart would definitely have a wonderful time at the table and would eagerly wake up for the smell. Belgian waffles are also great to have as desserts at any mealtime. You can pair it with any kind of luscious topping and you are good to go.

Different households require different waffle maker sizes. The size ranges from the small, with a single-waffle capacity to the large, multi-waffle capacity. You can get any size you want, that will suit to your needs and your preferences.

If ever size plays a key factor in choosing your Belgian waffle maker, it is only according to the number of mouths to feed. It does not have any connection whatsoever to the outcome or taste of your waffles. That would all depends on your batter, whish is basically a mixture of buttermilk, flour, eggs, baking soda, and melted butter.

Other Features

What’s even more amazing about the waffle makers available in the market today is the fact that they are usually packed with amazing options and features that will redefine the way you have your waffles. Due to the demand for easy cleaning, most units have detachable parts that are easy to assemble and easy to clean. A lot of waffle makers made lately are also equipped with non-stick surfaces.

There are different waffle maker models and set of features intended for home use as well as for a camping expedition. There are also heavy-duty models that restaurants can use to serve a good size of diners.

Tips in Making Perfect Waffles

Here are some tips that will allow you to enjoy great-tasting waffles:

* Like in using ovens, you need to preheat your waffle maker before you put the batter in.

* Your batter should be in a thick consistency. That’s why you need to use buttermilk instead of regular milk.

* Bake your waffles according to the instruction manual of your waffle maker. Different brands and models recommend different baking times.

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