How Big is The Biggest Qur’an?

The Qur’an is a sacred book of the Islam religion. Its scriptures are regarded by Muslims as their guide to living according to their religious beliefs, revealed to the prophet Muhammad by Allah.
Today, the Qur’an is translated to several different languages, foremost of which is English. The book also now comes in a variety of dimensions, from pocket size to larger sizes. 
How Big is The Biggest Qur'an?
Back in 2008, the Guinness Book of World Records listed a Qur’an made by one Sayed Najmul Hasan Christi as the largest Qur’an in the world. It is said that it took Christi nine years to finish his masterpiece.
Now, as to how big is the biggest Qur’an; this one made by Christi has dimensions of approximately eight feet wide and five feet long. These measurements are about 96 inches in width by 60 inches in length.
This Qur’an consists of sixty-three pages and all entries were painstakingly done by hand. This, by far, also makes the book the biggest handwritten Qur’an in the world.
Another interesting fact about the question of how big is the biggest Qur’an is that each page measures about sixty by eighty-eight inches or roughly about five feet by seven feet and four inches.
How Big is The Biggest Qur'an? – Concept and Design
Christi decided to write the Qur’an by hand because he wanted the book to depict the essence of authentic Quranic calligraphy. Every page of the book has about forty lines, all done in intricate Quranic calligraphy patterns.
In addition to this, each page is adorned with colorful floral patterns that border the texts. Plus, for every verse, Christi also included the word “Bismillah” which translates to “in the name of God.”
He wrote this word in various calligraphy patterns – a practice that dates back to the time of the prophet Muhammad. 
One other interesting feature when considering the question of how big is the biggest Qur’an is that the paper used for this specific book is made of special materials that allow it to absorb the ink completely so as to avoid the words being smudged or smeared. 
Finally, you may also want to add when asked about how big is the biggest Qur’an, that every “Allah” in the book is written in gold ink; and that each word in every page is about two to three inches high. 
This Qur’an was unveiled during the celebration of the seventy-sixth death anniversary celebration of the saint Khwaja Garib Nawaj Christi; in Ajmer, India. 

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