How Large are Water Bottles?

Water bottle sizes range from the very small to large. A lot of these bottles are 12 fl oz or quart sized. But there are bigger sizes to choose from.


The 12 fl oz volume is used because it makes backcountry water treatment easy. A single chlorine dioxide tablet can be used to clean a quart of water. These bottles will weigh a couple of pounds more or less.

There are lighter bottles. They are preferred by people who have to walk a long distance. However, you need to be certain you will not run out of water.


The 3 quart and over containers are usually made from BPA-free polyethylene. Depending on the water bottle size, the sides may be rigid. These are mostly for campground use. There are also some units that can be folded. However, they can contain two gallons or more. These are not very heavy, so they are ideal for use in camping.


The majority of bottles are cylindrical in shape. This cylinder is favored because the bottle goes in the pack pockets easily. There are smaller bottles so they can be placed in frame cages. The major difference in the bottles is the opening size.

Openings can be big or small. Some people like the wide openings so there is a lot of water flowing. On the other hand, a limited opening reduces the chances of a spill occurring.

The wide openings are frequently used. The most popular size is 63 mm. This allows you to fill the bottle rapidly. The high flow rate is akin to that of a typical drinking glass. Another advantage is they can hold ice cubes.

Other Information

The push-pull valve is usually on cycling bottles. You just push to close and pull to open. The valve is popular with many people because it can prevent spills. But other people do not like the constant pulling and pushing.

But as long as the valve is kept shut, there should be no concerns over spilling. Other bottles have unique designs. Most however, still have measuring indicators for easy reference. If you are always on the move, you should have a belt bottle holster. This will keep the bottle in place.

Because there are many water bottle sizes, you have many options. Whether you go for a small, medium sized or large one, be certain you check the design and quality.

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