Heat Gun Dimensions


There are many heat gun dimensions because brands try to put different features in the unit. Some models measure 10.19 x 3.25 x 8.75 (L x W x H). Some manufacturers develop 8 x 3 x 6 heat guns. Other models are larger, measuring 12 x 5 x 6. 

Facts about the Heat Gun 

This is a utility that streams out hot air. In terms of appearance it is a lot like the hair dryer. But the air it produces is much hotter. Air is projected over the element, heating it. Usually, the air generated by the heat gun reaches temperatures ranging from 200 and 1,000 F (93 to 537.7 C). 

Use and Application 

Regardless of the heat gun dimensions, the tool can be used in many ways. The utility is used in shrinking, drying, welding and heating. There are other ways to use the heat gun. These include thawing frozen pipes, softening adhesives for tile removal and stripping paint. It can also be used to dry paint and dry damp wood. 

Removing Paint with the Heat Gun 

By far the most common application for the tool is paint removal. To do this task, set the gun over the area and move in a circular manner slowly. Do not aim the tool at one spot for more than ten seconds. If you do, that area may overheat and burn up. It may even burst into flames. If the paint bubbles, scratch it off with a putty knife. 

Safety Tips 

You should wear a respirator mask and goggles when removing paint. The fumes that emanate from the paint can be highly toxic. Do not use the heat gun on paint that is lead-based. 

Desoldering Electronics 

Electronic parts are usually soldered onto a circuit board. In case of repair, these may have to be taken off. To desolder, direct the air stream at the part that has to be taken off. The soldering material will melt. 

This will allow you to pull the component off. Do not perform this task unless the area has adequate ventilation. Be careful when using the tool; you do not want to damage the other electronic components. 

Whatever the heat gun dimensions are, make sure you don’t use it near flammable materials. Ensure that there are no papers or wood shavings nearby. Never press the gun nozzle on a surface. Never let the gun make contact with your skin or clothing. 

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