Harp Sizes

The harp is one of the oldest musical instruments around, and today they come in various sizes and shapes. If you are buying one, you can use the following as a guide to the various models out in the market.

Harp Dimensions: Mid-East Mfg, Inc. Heather Harp

The Mid-East Mfg, Inc. Heather harp measures 11 x 23 x 35 inches. It has 22 strings. It has an engraved rosewood frame, and the soundboard is birch. This makes the harp durable and gives it exceptional sound.

The instrument comes with a tuning utility and additional string sets. The harp is available in different wood colors. It has DuPont hard nylon strings. The range is from C an octave below middle C to high C. The harp is small enough to be portable that you can carry it around.

The Heather harp is also ideal for people who are just learning how to use the instrument. The design allows you to get to the strings on the higher end.

Harp Dimensions: Lily Harp

The Lily Harp is 15 inches high. It comes with eight Dupont nylon strings and a tuning tool is thrown in as well. The range is C above middle C up to high C. The harp has a carved frame made of rosewood.

The strings are deigned to make tuning easy, and the strings do not snap off easily. If needed, one can use the tuning tool included. There are also additional strings included with the package.

The instrument is beautiful enough to be used as a display aside from being used to play music. The harp is also stable and sturdy.

Harp Dimensions: Mideast Manufacturing Baby Harp

This baby harp measures 7 x 16 x 21 inches. The rosewood is handcrafted and comes with a dozen strings. The DuPont hard nylon strings have a range from F over middle C up to high C.

The harp has no sharpening levers included and additional strings are included in the package. The harp is compact, so it does not take a lot of space.

The design also makes it ideal for beginning musicians. The craftsmanship makes the harp durable, so it can be utilized and practiced with everyday. The craftsmanship also makes it an ideal display.

Harp Dimensions: Baby Celtic Birch

The Baby Celtic Birch harp is 21 niches high. The instrument comes with several extra strings and a tool for fine tuning. The soundboard is birch and the wood engraving is rosewood.

The strings are hard nylon. The unit is robustly built, so new musicians need not worry about breaking it accidentally. Even though it has only a dozen strings, you can still play various types of music on it.


Some harp music lessons require certain numbers of strings and octaves. Before you buy the instrument, make sure it meets your needs.

The harp dimensions should also be considered. If you will be taking one when you travel, look for portable harps. The larger ones, however, can produce better sounds and more octaves.

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