Entry Door Sizes

Entry doors are not only used for the main entrance of your home. These can also be used as side doors and even back doors. Your choice of entry door largely depends on whether you will be using this as your main entry door or as a side or back door.

If you are choosing a main entry door, you will have to choose a design that will “speak” volumes about your house. Suffice it to say that your main entrance door should give a good first impression about your house.

Through this door, guests should already be able to tell that your interiors will be just as grand and elaborate or simple and subdued; depending on your choice.

Entry Door Sizes

Before you begin to choose the design, it is important to first look at the size of the hole where you will be installing your door. Typically, entry doors are 80 inches in height or about 6 feet and eight inches.

Widths are pegged at 36 inches at least to enable disabled persons easy access. However, there are other sizes that you can also find in the market. Heights can go up to 7 and 8 feet while widths can be as narrow as 2 inches and can go up to 42 inches.

Now, if you are choosing either a steel door or a fiberglass door, you should know that stock heights for these doors are fixed at 6 feet and 8 inches tall; and 8 feet tall.

Selecting an Entry Door

Since entry doors will be subjected to weather changes, harsh weather conditions, perhaps a bit of denting and scratching; it is important to choose the materials for your door carefully.

Steel doors may seem like the most obvious choice because these can withstand harsh weather conditions; over time, they show more of the wear and tear as compared to fiberglass doors and even wooden doors.

While wood doors may not easily show wear and tear, as mentioned above, they are however less resistant to rain. As a matter of fact, these doors are not very good at keeping heavy rains out.

Fiberglass therefore seems like the best choice. These doors do not easily show signs of wear and tear even after years of prolonged use plus they can keep heavy rains out and they are easier to maintain.

Fiberglass doors may be a bit more expensive, usually starting at around $600 but these have a longer shelf life and as mentioned, are more effective in enduring harsh weather conditions and wear and tear.

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