Drum Kit Dimensions

Drum kit dimensions will vary depending on the number of pieces you get. The following are some of the most common sizes used today.

The Standard Five Piece Set

This consists of a 14 x 5.5 snare drum, a 16 x 16 floor tom, a 12 x 8 mounted tom, a 13 x 9 mounted tom and a 22 x 16 bass drum.

The Rock Drum Set

This is made up of a 14 x 6.5 snare drum, a 22 x 16 bass drum, a 13 x 11 mounted tom, a 12 x 10 mounted tom and a 16 x 16 floor tom.

The Fusion Drum Set

The drum kit dimensions and specs for fusion sets are the following: a 14 x 3.5 piccolo snare drum, a 20 x 16 bass drum, a 10 x 8 mounted tom, a 14 x 11 floor tom and a 12 x 9 mounted tom.

The Jazz Drum Set

This set includes a 14 x 5 snare drum, an 18 x 14 bass drum, an 8 x 8 mounted tom, a 10 x 8 mounted tom and a 14 x 14 floor tom.

Drum Kit Setup

For the standard five piece set, the bass drum is usually 22” in diameter. The 12 and 13 inch tom toms are set on the bass drum. The 16 in floor tom has three legs. There may be other hardware included, such as stands and pedals.

The drum kit dimensions of fusions sets make them a smaller version of the standard five-piece set. The 14 in tom projects from the floor stand. It does not have its own legs. Sometimes the fusion and rock drum set up are interchanged. These terms are really just for convention.

More about the Drum Sets

The larger the drum, the deeper the sound and the louder it will be. These drums are usually made from chrome plated steel shells, but some are made of wood. Most are 5.5 in deep but some are 6.5 deep. Drum sets sold are usually described by the number of drums included.

The standard five piece set are for beginners. The drum kit dimensions for semi-pro kits are different. Aside form the basic pieces, drum heads (aka skins), a bass drum pedal, stands and tom mounts and cymbals are included.

For professional drum sets, there are even more accessories, including drum shells, snares, cymbals and other hardware.

Reading the Sizes

The sizes of cymbals, toms and drums are set down in inches. However there are also some manufacturers that list the sizes by centimeters. In the United States, the drums are almost always measured depth first, followed by the diameter.

But in Europe, Australia and some Asian countries, diameter comes first followed by the shell depth. So, a drum that is 5 inches deep and 14 inches in diameter is listed as 5” x 14” in the US. In other countries, it is 14” x 5’.

The drum kit dimensions stated here are the most widely used. Even though there are other sizes available, knowing the basic specs will help you make more informed decisions.

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