Dimensions of a Toga

Known as a garment used by Romans in the early times, a toga is a cloth that is usually worn with a tunic. TogaThe garment has various types, which include the toga vinilis, the toga trabea and the toga pulla. In modern times, the garment is used for special occasions like toga parties in universities and colleges. If you want to make the garment, then it is important to know the dimensions of a toga.


When creating a toga, it is best that you measure your height since the dimensions of the garment are based on your height. The width of the garment should be your height so if your height is five feet, then the width of your toga should also be five feet. To get the length of the garment, you have to multiply your height to three or four. For instance, given that your height is five feet, then the length of your garment should be 15 feet or 20 feet.

To look good in your toga, make sure that you use the appropriate fabric for the garment. Do not use bed sheets to make the garment. The best types of fabric that can be used to make the garment are linen as well as wool. When it comes to the color of the garment, the most common colors of a toga are off white or white.

Additional Information and Other Important Details

According to history, the Etruscans initiated the dressing of toga in 1200 BC. This garment is commonly dressed over apron or loincloth. This garment was considered the most decent attire for Romans. Through time, the styles for wearing the garment changed. The Romans learned that the garment was suited for Greek chiton or tunica.

The use of the garment represents the various types of power in the ancient Greek. It can also be used as a sign of peace because soldiers do not wear this garment. The garment has different kinds. The toga praetexta is the one used by curule magistrates and freeborn boys. On the other hand, the toga pulla is the garment used by mourners. Aside from these, toga picta is another unique type of the garment. However, this one is commonly worn for special occasions. The garment is usually embroidered and it has colors that are associated with rich people or those who belong in the upper class like purple and gold. The garment is commonly used when attending gladiatorial games.

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