Dimensions of a Laptop Battery

Laptop battery dimensions and specs are not standardized. Some batteries weigh 15.9oz (451g), while others are 13.oz. Some batteries measure 152 x 114 x 19.3 mm while others measure 8.1x 0.8" x 1.8". However, the sizes are not as important as their lifespan.

Battery Lifespan

The most important is how long the battery will last. Many are good for up to five hours or more. However, the duration of battery life depends on how you use the laptop. If you just do a bit of typing, the battery will last a long time.

If you are going to play games or watch videos, you will use it up much faster. The battery lives listed in some products are only guides; the duration will depend on how it is used. Before buying the battery, think first of what your needs are.

Choosing the Right Type

Even if the laptop battery dimensions are correct, this doesn’t mean the battery should be used. Make sure the battery is actually made for your laptop. Check the make and model number. You can find this info from the manufacturer website.

Or you can open the laptop and look at the battery compartment. Do this only when the laptop is turned off. Aside from the model number, you may also find the battery number listed there.


Temperatures have an effect on the self discharge. The higher the temperature, the shorter the battery life will be. Don’t leave the batteries in when on AC power. This will shorten its lifespan.

Tips for Buying Laptop Batteries

Go to your laptop manufacturer’s website. In the search box, type the battery name for your laptop. If you don’t know the battery number, just type in the laptop model. Look at the accessories and peripherals links. The battery type will appear there.

You can also try buying in computer shops or retail stores. Whenever possible, buy directly from the company. If that is not possible, purchase from a licensed dealer.

Tips and Warnings

Do not place an order online if you are at all unsure of the battery type. To be safe, go to the shop where you bought the battery and make inquiries. Or you can send an email to the manufacturer and ask for information.

Whatever the laptop battery dimensions may be, it is important to get the right type. Do not use batteries not meant for use on your laptop. It could have undesirable results.

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