Sizes of Car Battery Chargers

When car battery charger sizes are discussed, it is the amp hours that are usually referred to. For instance, the full auto battery is fifty amp hours. In this case, a 10 amp charger would take six hours to charge. 100 amp hours will take 10 hours. In terms of physical dimensions, some measure 6 x 3 x 11 inches, 5 x 2 x 10 inches and so on.

Facts about Car Batteries and Chargers

This is a device that is inserted into the 12 volt cigarette lighter outlet in the automobile. This is used to power up the battery. The battery itself is the energy reserve of your vehicle.

An alternator can be used to power it up. This is a device that changes the engine mechanical energy into an electrical one. This is utilized to initiate reactions in the battery electrolyte. These are usually composed of lead oxide plates that are immersed in water and sulfuric acid.

How the Battery Works

No matter what the car battery charger sizes are, the sulfuric acid will interact with the lead oxide plates. The result is lead sulfate. When the unit is being recharged, the action is reversed.

The battery is necessary to start the vehicle during the ignition. It also provides the lighting system’s energy. This is also utilized in petrol engines. Today, the battery is also used to provide an electric vehicle’s traction energy.

How to Choose the Right Charger

The first step is to determine the size. The next is to determine your needs. Are you going to use the charger to keep the vehicle charged during off-season?

The other thing you have to consider is the extra features. Many chargers work like all purpose tools. Some units include other car utilities. These can be useful in case of emergency situations.

Other Considerations for Buyers

The weight is something people also have to take into account. Many people prefer the portable ones as they are easier to carry around. Reading reviews can make it easier to decide what to buy. Also take note if the unit can jump a totally dead battery or just a drained one. Read the product specifications to be sure.

Aside from the various car battery charger sizes, check out the other included tools. Some have utilities for inflating tires and do various kinds of repair. These can be handy. Otherwise, they will just add up to the price.

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