Dimensions of a Half Keg

A keg, especially one designed for storing beer, is commonly made of stainless steel instead of aluminum. Before it was first used in transporting beverages and other types of liquids, it was originally designed to carry gunpowder and nails. Made from wood, this old type of keg was a smaller version. Because its size is not standardized, a keg is not used as a unit of measure for volumes of liquid. One of the most common sizes is referred to as a half keg. In addition to these interesting details, it is also good to find out the dimensions of a half keg.

The Half Keg Dimensions

In the U.S., the half keg is considered as the most accepted size. The diameter of this keg ranges from 16.6 inches to 17.16 inches. In terms of height, the standard is 23.3 inches. It can hold as much as 15.5 gallons of liquid. When empty, it measures 29.7 pounds or 13.5 kilograms. When full, it measures 160.5 pounds or 72.8 kilograms. Given these details, expect each keg to have at most 130.8 pounds or 59.3 kilograms of beer. In every keg, expect to find about 165 servings of12-fluid ounce of drinks, 124 servings of 16-fluid ounce drinks or 99 servings of 20-fluid ounce drinks.

Additional Facts and Other Interesting Details

Every 15.5-gallon keg in the U.S. is equivalent to 103.25 imperial pints, 58.67 liters or 12.69 imperial gallons. Likewise, this size is also equivalent to about 90 bombers, 165 12-fluid ounce of drinks and 124 U.S. pints.

In European countries, different kinds of standards are implemented on keg sizes. The most common size has a capacity of 50 liters or 13.21 gallons. Other commonly used sizes include the 30-liter keg, the 25-liter keg as well as the 20-liter keg.

Aside from the most common sizes of kegs, other types are also available, one of which is the mini keg. Primarily designed for retail sales, this particular type of keg has a capacity of only 5 liters. Instead of cleaning and refilling it after use, it is usually thrown away by consumers. Because it is usually made out of aluminum, it is considered recyclable. Also called a quarter barrel, a pony keg is another reliable vessel for storing beer. It can hold as much as 29.33 liters or 7.75 U.S. gallons of liquid.

With a standard size of 50 gallons, a beg keg is quite different from a wine barrel, the capacity of which is only 32 gallons. Additionally, its size is also different from an oil barrel, which only has a capacity of 42 gallons.

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