Dimensions of a 1/6 Barrel Keg

Commonly used to hold different kinds of beverages, especially beer, a keg is classified into different types and sizes. Some of the most common types include the half keg/half barrel, pony keg/quarter barrel as well as Bubba/mini-keg. Aside from these widely recognized sizes, there is also the torpedo keg or 1/6 barrel keg. Although smaller than the half keg, import keg and quarter barrel, this size is bigger than the corny keg and mini-keg. For a better understanding of this size, it is good to know the dimensions of a 1/6 barrel keg.

The 1/6 Barrel Keg Dimensions

The average height of 1/6 barrel kegs is 23.375 inches. In addition, they have an average diameter of 9.25 inches. Also called a torpedo keg, a sixth barrel has a net capacity of 19.8 liters, the equivalent of which is 5.23 U.S. gallons. Each keg can hold as much as 56 servings of any 12-fluid ounce drink, 42 servings of a 16-fluid ounce drink and 33 servings of any 20-fluid ounce beverage. It has a bigger capacity than a corny keg, the net capacity of which is only 18.9 liters or 5 U.S. gallons. Likewise, its capacity is bigger than a mini-keg, which can only hold 5 liters or 1.32 U.S. gallons.

Additional Facts and Other Interesting Details

A 1/6 barrel keg is commonly made from steel or aluminum. It has a cylindrical shape, the primary purpose of which is to contain and transport beer or any other beverages from one place to another. Sometimes, drinks are served straight from this container. Aside from beer, it is also used to store non-alcoholic and carbonated beverages such as soft drinks.

In the U.S., this kind of keg typically contains liquids somewhere between 5 gallons and 6 gallons. It is smaller compared to a ¼ barrel, which can actually hold as much as 7 gallons to 8 gallons. Furthermore, a ½ barrel is significantly bigger than this size, which can store liquids of up to 14 gallons to 16 gallons. Because of the different sizes of kegs, it is not recognized as a standard measurement unit for volumes of liquid. These sizes vary from brewery to brewery and from country to country.

A pressurized keg is commonly used to dispense beer, which is often called keg beer. It is defined as a beer served from a pressurized container. Although at times considered synonymous to draught beer, it is used quite inappropriately here, in the sense that draught beer is defined as a type of beer served from big containers, which only include keg beer as one of the many types of beers under this specific classification.

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